How To Monetize YouTube Channel without wasting time

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How To Monetize YouTube Channel without wasting too much time

Obviously, becoming YouTube is not easy as we think. Though it need time and planed activity that every line of video and activity on your youtube channel video needs technical and creative mind. On the algorithm of YouTube money generating from advertisement by showing short video ads and banner ads needs too be careful and literally. If you need to be successful on youtuber history, you should take you time and think about it before you going to start your channel and video production.

We we dive in to the core part of creating youtube channel and monetizing within a short time such as within three or four months. In fact, Youtube can wait you until the end of the 12 month starting from while you created your channel timestamps. The goal is to be target ful and wise while we dive in to the digital marketing system. So before you get create your youtube channel your, should matter on what you are going to do. I meant what is the information that you wanna to transfer for your subscriber and video viewer. You should ware for your audience and subscriber. You have to choose the category that you wanna to do such that your video title should be related since it matters on their target rate of your ads. That how much target ads are sent and requested. YouTube have reason while they put different categories for your channel, and should have to choose one and do your videos based on that category.

If you choose entertainment, then you have to do on entertainment videos rather than technology and education videos. Since this is not recommended for your account quality. And you have to know about video title, meta data, description writing, tag and such related guidelines. Because your videos will be shown by not only subscribers rather from unsubscribed user. Because it can be indexed by search engines if you used good title and description.

The second challenge on you-tuber is, trying to steal and upload someones video without asking any permission that the owner of video. You should think about it for a minute, if you so such malicious activity, you won’t go far on YouTube platform. They have big scan algorithm and automation than controls and scans every fram of videos. So you should stop this activity if you planned to do. And use your pure self recorded videos only. If you need short videos as intro and classics to use as background, you can search for copyright free intros and classical on youtube or google it. There are too many free videos as intro and you can use them as the beginning of your videos sine they are free to use. By doing what I wrote, you can get good skill on your channel. Unless your videos are disgusting and your title is miserableness, you won’t loose. Rather you will have good number of subscriber and viewer within a short period of time.

The next point is, matter on video Quality and way of presentation, if you are recording for education purpose it’s better to use education related graphics presentation and for prank videos you have to use fun and joke related emojis and animation sometimes. For every videos ending or starting or at eh middle time of the video, should have put subscribe, like and notification on bring. With short and visible area of the video. That reminds your use to subscribe if they are not. The next one is while you start to do video, do with in English language videos if you are planned to have follower over the world. Otherwise do in your local language if you are doing for local people. Subtitle matters and can challenge your videos. Because as I told before, your videos will be seen by other so many and unsubscribed user. Since they use search engine for their problem or enjoyment.

In general, becoming YouTube is not much hard, that others if you have good talent or knowledge as background. Just check your passion and your talent, then open your youtube channel by following the guidelines. Then upload your pure videos. After a month, you will recognize what you did and how much you get ranked. On this digital platform, you should think critical and wiser and wiser, just don’t try to do negative tricks, youtube is not fool as you think. Follow the rule, record your quality videos as well as quantity. Then give the best title which is related to your video message, then write enough description. Then you will have good fruit for what you did. Otherwise, you will get banned from YouTube, if you violate the policy. Three copyright claim leads down your business. So matter on it.

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