How To Monetize Your WordPress Website Instant Article

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According to the beginning of 2021 Facebook Instant article approval method, there are list of criteria that every publisher should follow in order to be joined to Facebook Instant article. Facebook has launched instant article for light speed websites like wordpress and other mobile responsible websites. In order to display third party banner ads and to give revenue for every publisher. By following those simple methods, you can generate a thousands of dollars per month. In fact facebook Adsense is better than Facebook Instant article while we compare how mach they pay per ECPM and CTR rate. Though, the policy and rule of Adsense is too difficult, if you violate a single rule whether you know or not, you will take a big risky up to losing your account completely. This is the sad news about adsense.

How To Apply For Facebook Instant Article ?

Well, by following those steps, you can apply for Facebook instant article without getting bored and losing much time.

Step 1: You should have WordPress Website or self developed website: while you deal about website, you should windstorm about the key of Website Responsiveness, capabilities, Customization, Security, integrity, and confidentiality,. In order to achieve those important things, having wordpress website is so necessary than writing a code. If you do so, the way of instant article integration also simple. To come up, you have to customize and setup your wordpress website after you hosting on hosting company. After you finished customizing of your website, you have to install Instant Article WordPress Plugin from WordPress official website. Then just activate it.

Step 2: You should have 10 Articles that must follow the rule of instant article. You should wrote only in English Localization. This is because to get approved fast. After you get approved, you can write whatever language. Because Facebook doesn’t matter what you preferred. You content should have at least one image and not less than 600 words per posts. And your website should have enough traffic from Facebook only. No matter from other traffic sources.

Step 3, You should have Facebook fan Page with 10k+ Likes: this is the third criteria of Facebook that you should have to be joined. So if you do not have fan page just you can create new page by following this link and wait until it get the minimum threshold. Then after you finished you can go for sigh up for instant article with your Facebook account and fan page.

After you create developer account you have to customize your dashboard just to be unique. Choose your way of display after color styles. And the main thing you should have logo for your instant view page that can be displayed on instant view not official website. With is width 163 by 90 height pixels. Of you can check the latest information from official Facebook developers dashboard. Then after you finished fill the payment information that should be the exact name of you and your location and bank account. The next you have to do is connect your Facebook page with Your WordPress website. Then directly your posts will fetched on fan page dashboard and can see what you did well and what you missed.

Step 4, check the placement for ads and put the placement code on your WordPress website header code under head tags. Just you can do it by following the screenshot. After that you can send for review your website. Depend on the Facebook review team they will announce you after a week or two weeks.

After you got approved you can post articles on your local language, and maximize your revenue.

Why I choose Facebook Over Adsense?

Since facebook is the most popular social media in the world, you can get high traffic easily from Facebook by sharing and boosting your posts on Facebook. And the other thing is Facebook pays good per impression than Google Adsense. Posting article with your local language is in comparable with posts only one language for your best traffic. So Facebook is simple, high traffic and less rule difficult while we compare with adsense and other Digital networks.

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