How To Monetize Your Website With google Adsense 2021

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Undoubtedly, Google Adsense is the best way of money earning by doing mind task and right algorithm with your blog or website. By using your intellectual property, you can generate a lot of dollars per every couple of seconds. So today we are going to teach you how to start your revenue without getting invest money for company. Do you have 2 up to 4 hours per day, yea if you do just you can start earning today.

In Fact, every thing needs much attention and care, because no way to earn money without doing tasks. So In order to sat steadily on your future, you should have matter those criteria before you gonna start applying for Adsense. Adsense can let you earn money with many ways and with many products. If you have good talent on content writing and keyword choosing for the right message that you wanna teach your audience, you can start your journey with your blog. Otherwise, you have to develop Online tools, since tools are the most preferable for Adsense. The reason why is, once you developed and setup your online tool, they won’t get violate google policies since tools are static. But you may lead to break Adsense policy with you blog if you choose to be publisher. Before you are getting started, you should have aware about those listed important points. Unless you won’t go fa with google Adsense even if you get started.

What Do You Do with your blog or Website?

Before you gonna get start, you should matter on it, because after you started you will be stopped and you will dive down. This is all about how to get the right audience for your blog. For who you are publishing your content and which type of content should be allowable. If you wanna do on news blog or website your should write about the important and truthful information what is going on. Every day and every hours. Because you should have static users that wanna read news from your blog. Another way is, if you need to write educational articles, this is also the most important idea to be paid good and to have constant users. Just choose your website related to education and host then, start listing down different categories and write your content.

How Many Posts are enough To get Approved by Adsense?

To be open, Adsense doesn’t matter on how many content that your blog have. Just it’s all about the quality and uniqueness of the content. Just after you did the step 1, write 10 up to 20 articles with at least 600 words per each posts. This is more than enough. Having 15 posts with the minimum word per each and if you have unique idea, you can go for the next step. But if you are too beginner for Adsense you should matter on content writing and keyword choosing. Cos Quality is better than Quantity for Adsense. After this you can apply for Adsense by adding the code of Ad unit to your website and wait until they give response.

Is that WordPress CMSis better than Other CMS?

Without doubt, I can say yes and yes. Just because WordPress is the best and most scrabble and mobile responsive with light navigate pages. Google need to have mobile responsive website that others. So wordpress can fix what you need and what google need to. By finding hosting for your website you can install wordpress on your cpanel as content management system. And you should have to customize it, in order to look different and unique. They install the those top 10 Important Plugins that are necessary for every Blog. Finally, you can go for applying for Adsense.

What should I follow to be get approved?.

Google hates content graphing fro other source and stealing keywords in order to get approved. So if you wanna to be honest, just use your content from yourself. The other one should not use bad keywords on your blog just choose the right keywords only. Google is not fool as you think, if you think this you are too. Just think your self as information finder and end user of your blog. So imagine unless you get good information for you detail page, just stop thinking about blogging. The goal is to serve the user with true and important information. So matter on it.

The other thing is , google won’t let you have more than one account per user, so if you need to have two or more adsense account just to be rich quickly, woops!. You are fired because you won’t get what you imagined. So follow the policy and should sign up for one Adsense account. And you should have fill your public information as well as what google want to be filled by you. And your payment information. The next one is google won’t let you earn money if you are under 18 so. You should check on your gmail age is above 18. and you should be responsible what you are going to do.

Those are the best important points to be awarded before you get sign up for Adsense. Be wise and clever to be run long with google. For google bot Quality is matter than Quantity.

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