how to monetize my app with Admob and Mediation Group

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According the current condition the amount of revenue that every app developer got is decreased in case of restricted policy and other related rules. And if you also were publisher that you know it the difference. Currently, rules are too bad and sometimes your account will be disabled without any sufficient reason if you are Admob publisher. Today we are going to learn how to start the two most popular advertising network in one app with two different dashboard and payment. By integrating them as Mediation group, you can have two earning balance from the two different Advertising networks.

As I told you, you can use one mobile Application either IOS or Android for monetizing. And after you develop your Application whatever content you want as well as you have good user. Deploy it on play-store and wait until it get approved. After that you have to sign up Admob account by going to the website of ad-mob. Then create ads unit as mach as you need. The by going to mediation group you can choose Facebook Audience network from top 30 plus networks. Then by going to Facebook developer account that you created before. You can start process to monetize you app. By following the steps you can finish and wait 72 hours to be approved by Facebook.

Then there are important things that you should matter on while you place your ads banner and interstitial ads as well as Native ads. So if you wanna do such you have to follow the guideline.

The look and feel of your app must be attractive and good style and color design. Then you have to choose carefully where banner ads should be placed. And when and where you Interstitial ads should be shown.

Banner ads, while we getting deal with banner ads you have to place it on visible and sufficient place that a use should not to click it suddenly, either the top of the app or the bottom navigation bar of the app is recommended as well as your design. The other on is Interstitial ads placement is should be placed either after you click for next page navigation and before you user get landed on the next page. Or while a user click on back button to get back to the previous page, let it show and after it the user can get back immediately, the other best way is let the user to watch while the click on close app button to exit. And show ads before he get our from your app but after they clicked to get out. That is the right and recommended way.

Native Ads Placement, this is the best ads that targeted to place widgets and responsive area. Then if you need to get good impression and to show without getting risky, just use native ads. But you should matter on look and feel of your app that native banner ads and your app design should be similar and do not the user confuse to use your app by making ads color and position completely same as the app design. Matter on users feeling, just do not bother them.

Facebook ads placement is not that much difficult, by integrating admob, you can have good . The only one that you should matter is think about not to make user more ads that is boring. Just minimize the number of ads to show per one time.


Good news while you use Mediation as well as admob, is while you get banned from admob or if your app is get ads limit problem , do not worry about the other mediation network just it keeps running through out the time. Since they are independent. The only time is while you integrate initially that requires to make them unit.

What you have to do to keep your account best?.

While you choose mediation network, think about the low rate ads. Just either stop them or filter them they will hurt the health of your account. And you can restrict the some countries that if you won’t need to watch your ads. Choose your traffic carefully, that is all about the policy of networks. Interstitial ads are matter on Quality of ads.

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