Best Top 10 Ethiopian Film – based on YouTube view

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Best Top 10 Ethiopian Film – based on YouTube view Statistics and audience reaction.

Hearing the a voice as against of Ethiopian Film industry and production quality and story of the movie, is not new. Every audience sat different after the watch the movie. Though, we are saying you with great proud, there are best Amharic films that are released and produced without loosing the quality and sequence of the story. According to the YouTube view and viewer reaction we are going to list down the top 10 popular movies on Ethiopian and Television Cinema.

10 “Daynamayt ” film of Tekabe Tadios who is director and film producer and writer. The story of the movie deals with a young guy whose name is Abush. He is courage and fighter one. And the story of this movie shows the up and downs of this young boy and his life challenges. While we chose this film on the tenth rank because of way of story flow and simple way of film presentaion which respect to the presentation style and according to the actress and actors acting talent. The major actor of this movie is Natay Getachew and other sub actors are Mahilet Beneberu, Henok Adane, Dereselgn Meshesha, Umer Teha, Ephrem Solomon and others are participated. Cinematography was done by Tekabe Tadiyos and Natnael Teshome. Thit is the reason why we chosen Danamayt as the top tenth Ranked Amharic Movie.

9 “Rebuniwhich is produced by Galaxiy Film Production and 123 Studio and written and Directed by Kidist Yilma. The story of the movie starts on the small village of countryside. Once upon a time an investor wanna farm place to buy and goes to that place just to deal for payment. The owner of the land was Ruta Mengistab, she is young, she is neither long nor short and she is too beautiful girl. The fight between the investor and the owner of the land goes for long moment and that leads the investor to be failed in love of her . The stoy of the movie is based on this young girl and we saw the best and smoothly, story flow. That is why we choose this movie as ninth rank.

8 “Wusane”: this si the top eighth ranked Amharic movie which is originally translated form Indian Movie. Even if this movie is copy of india movie, many of Ethiopian got cried by this hearty and educational movie ad got popularity because of the story of the script. The major Actress was Genet Nigatu that we know her on Amharic movies and Television series Drama such as Sewlesew.

The other minor actor was Dereje Demeke who is the wife of The former actor and he as arargic of Drinking and he is drunk man. And also he doesn’t care on his family life and he doesn’t care aboy how he should have to lead and manage his family. In case of this the story of the movie shows as how the mother tired to passe this challenge of her and her child life after her husband passed away by unknown reason. This was too hearty touch Amharic movies that ever the audience saw on Amharic film industry.

7 “Sreyet”: this movie was produced by Tom Film Production and Directed by Ydnekachew Shumetie. Many of Ethiopian watched this movie by it’s was of continuous and sequential story flow and way of camera show and sound and Video Mixing. The movie was done by Major Actor Grum Elias and Birtukan befikdau, Solomon Tashe and other minor actress and actors. The acting talent of Gaga and Tesfaye Wnedmagegn was unforgettable. That id presented on the 7th Rank of Top 10 Amharic movies.

6 “Etege 2 – Zemecha Dinglen Flega”: the is the 6th ranked best Amharic film. From the perspective of the goal and the way of film presentation, many of ethiopian film lover gave their feeling od reaction. The director who is Abiy and the main actors are Seifu araya, Tomas Tora, Mickael Million, Betelhiem Getachew and Alemseged Tesfaye. And we putted this movie under top 10 Amharic films Category.

5th “Yenegen Alweldm”: the movie script was written by Writer and Journalists Genene Mekurian according to the book “UPOEP and port” which was the politics part name of the former Ethiopia. Yenegen Alweldm was directed by Abrham Gezahegn. As a general, the story of the movie deals on the former Ethiopian republic and socialist party rule system and how the people of Ethiopian got challenge while they are on that era. The movie teaches how much the politicalleader were crude and dectator ans how the killed the people who was ruled. From the way os story flow and camera capture ability we presented on the top 5th rank of Ethiopian Movies Rank. This movie got many awards from abroad country.

4th “Sle-Anchi” : the main actors and actress of this drama was Wendeson Ashebir and Sayat Demssie. We chosen the movie according the the way of story flow and camera shot s who the way they presented. We got the 4th rank of top 10 Ethiopian Amharic Film.

3 “Gedya siyarefafd” : which is done and directed by Naol Lemma, and the story of the movie is hearty genre and comedy related story traditional people. The story of the movie story telling is started from Gojjam Ethiopia.

2 “Lomi Shita”: this movie is produced and presented according to the novel of Adamu Reta which is Lomi Shita. And the movie is done because ot the high demand of the novel reader interste to see the story as movie. And we gave the 2nd rank of Ethiopian Film Rank.

1 “Ye Wendoch Guday 1”: ethipian fil story is unforgottable and which is written by Admasu Kebede and directed by Henok Ayele. The story of the movie is Genre of comedy. The way of flow of story and actor collaboration was so interesting. We saw the famous actor who is Shewaferaw Desalgn on this movie that what made it ranked on top 1.

we presented the top 10 movies from Ethiopian Amharic Film, is according to the reaction and number of view of YouTube and also the way of presenting and editing and producing. What we chose and listed as best movie may not best of your because we follow the data that we gathered and you may follow your personal interest. And the rank is prepared according to the movie which is released on the same year.

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