best Operating System for Programmer

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Operating systems are System software applications which are core part of operating system. They used as bridge between computer hardware and software front end interface. Our thousands of applications are going to be installed on the base of operating system. Without operating system our computer is just like a hardware and non sense. Imagine it is same as a phone without it’s software or firmware. While we come to deal about the type of operating system, how they use, for what purpose and when. In fact, the goal of operating system is almost the same. Though there have little difference according to their performance, capability, availability, and security. Even if they had similarity between them, there difference is like the gap between the sky and he earth.

In order to deal with their difference, we should have matter on, simplicity, performance, security, cost and availability are the top important points to deal on operating system. To list the most well known and widely usable operating system are Linux, Mac and Windows. Those three are the top up software products those we are leading the technology class. According to their list let’s talk about them one by one and we will see their contrast and compare point.

Windows 10, this is the most widely usable operating system which is simple and easy to use , and not free. This the foundation of windows it was started with xp version. Though it has growth rapidly by updating their limitation and weakness. While we talk about the vulnerability of windows. It’s is secure because of the foundation of this company who is Bill Gates has wide research and development teams those who check and reviews the limitation and failure. As soon as they notice a single limitation, immediately they cover it up. That is why windows 10.1 is released over windows 10. unless the company follow the technology and fix it’s bugs, their will be lose as soon as the malicious get the hole. Windows is use by many governmental and non governmental company as well as marketing shops and education level computers and laboratory. Though the cons of windows is expensiveness, easy to be attack, high battery consumption, and ram usage. In general windows products are not comfortable for laptops and desktops, since they are not much secure, integrated and confidential as other do. Pros of windows products are, it doesn’t need to be good skilled on computer knowledge. Since it has simple user interface, everyone can use it.

The easier to use, is the easier to be musses,

Mac OS, it’s all about the money,

you can do anything whatever if able to pay for it. If you pay good you will be served good way. Said the mac OS for their users. It is founded by the owner of apple software company and can be integrated for app mobiles desktops and laptop and other electronics products. What makes mac ios different from others, it’s security, best performance, reliability, and having of sufficient Ram and Rom. That let you do your task without worrying for matter of laptop performance. Because of lack of good ram and Rom storage laptop, many people changes their decision from android development to web development. Web development requires little Ram and Rom storage while we compare with Android and IOs app development. If you had plan to be ios developer just you can start today by buying Mac laptops which is affordable price. The cons of mac and Apple products are they are not exist free. Though, they are too expensive than other products. So before you gonna buy them, you should think about it.

Linux, the legends knows it. While I start with the motivational thought, a good product doesn’t need more promotion. This may seems fun but the reason is visible while you dive in. do you have a good knowledge, terminal use and back-end system controlling and managing, as well as root and common user access and permission denied. Installation of other software over Linux. Well you can join the way. Those are the simple part part of Linux that you should know while you decide to use it. Their are more Linux distributed systems under the category of Linux. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Parrot Os, CentOS Os, Kali Linux, Fedora, Mint… those are the most popular Linux products. Linux is the most secure, best performance, confidential, integrated, available everywhere on internet, open and free to use. You can use it for free and without limited part, that you can run any software what you need over Linux. For Programmer, coder, back-end system administration, and other legend computer skilled men uses this operating system.

Even Facebook, Google, Microsoft, amazon and other huge software companies use Linux for server side. That lets’ you deiced what to use and who you are. Pros of Linux is enormous, and while we talk about the Cons of Linux are, need skill to use and to run, execute programs, otherwise you are fired. Some software may not well designed and may not finished well. That may the limitation of it. And some popular software link photo-shop products are not available for Linux. Video editor and other related illustrative are not easy to use or not available. This may listed as limitation on Linux.

If you wanna to fight with the security, Sudo It.

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