Behind The Scene – Story of 5 Turkish Woman Actress

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According to YouTube channel top 5 list video presentation of Turk Women Actress, we are presented the famous and awarded actress. Watching Turkish movies on kana Television is not new since it has been streaming since 2017 after they translated in to Amharic subtitle. The top 5 actress are listed according to from the least popular to most popular in order to control the feeling on our reader of this article.

5 Neslihan Atagul: we know her on Yalaleke Fikir Drama which was streaming on Kana Television as Nihan. She joined film industry while she was 13. and she is 26 years old. Neslihan at the moment, got the best Turkish drama actress. And she got Golden Ball and Tokyo International Film Festival Award. And she had also awarded more film awards on best acting talent.

4 Seyda Ates: she is the fourth best Famous actress on Turkish series Drama, she is also model and we know her on Kana Television Dramas. And she also won many awards on film industry.

3 Hazal Kaye: we know her as Feriha on Kana Television series Drama which was streaming called Feriha. October 1 1990. and she is 30 years old. She is the third best Turkish film actress.

2 Tuba BuyuKustun: we know her on Kana Television Drama of Tikur Fikir as “Elif”. She is the highest paid on Turkish film industry. May 5, 1982. and she was born on Istanbul City. And she is 38. and she is still the best film actress on Turkish series television Drama.

1 Beren Saat: she is named as “FatumaGul” on Amharic subtitle Turkish Drama which was streaming on Kana Television a year ago. She is the first one highly paid able and famous female actress on Turkish series Television Drama. She is 30 years old. Currently, she get paid from one Season Television Drama, more than 700, 000 Eth Birr according to the interview.

According to online analytic data processing kana Television is the top First popular and highly follower television entertainment. That everyone watch any Turkish drama on Amharic subtitle. This is the best article that we written according to the YouTube video statistic ices and Television Drama Actress. And nest we will see on the next popular subtitle.

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