About Us

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About Us

Kanacinema is mainly founded in 2020 F or purpose of providing cinematic and other related entertainment information to the user. In fact we are doing such things in this way by providing category and repository for each of them. In video Category of KanaCinema website we have Amharic and other Translated Series Dramas and Movies accordingly to their names and division.

we Kanacinema are here for purpose of sharing important and truthful latest information for our users Daily and frequently. We provides videos, games and how the work Android applictions and their use and also we provide videos which is either embedded from YouTube or other websites.

We also provides books and university research paper titles and some part of the project description. We are free and human friendly while you come to our services you will be feel good and interested without having any extra worry.

We Kanacinema Provides how to use, install and run mobile application and other important information for Android user while there and how can they install Apps from play-store.

Kanacinema is one of the first Ethiopian Entertainment, Educational, and Other Science related information Loaded website. We do for our user feeling and needs.