5 Best and Incredible Amharic Drama | You Have To watch

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Now a day Amharic dramas are become interesting and hearty. Every audience miss to watch the next episode after they watch the released one. But the Film and television industry is not goes updated and expertise as well as the center where we are. The history of streaming on the Television was started decays ago. And the producers who produce such interesting movie speaks about the way how much the pay value in order to finish this series dramas without loosing their audience feelings. This is the only thing that everyone should matter to be participate as movie producer or director or as an actor and actress. And we know top famous film producer in Ethiopian movie industry.

Even though, the first popular drama that was streaming on Ethiopian Television is called “Gemena” which was the best interesting and hearty. Since the story of the drama deals on the area of family and their interaction on how to fix the problem of justice over the the common people and the investor and infrastructure builder. To generalized this. It ‘s am amazing drama before a decay. And while we deal the top five Amharic series television drama until the year where we are. Are listed as follow.

1 Zemen Drama :- Zemen Drama is the top first in the history of Ethiopian longest episode and seasonal hearty and romantic Drama. The actors and actress, producer and Directors and Cameraman and photography and other behind the scene participants are know and famous in Art Industry. The way of acting and giving good feeling for audience is their talent that we haven’t seen ever. They played with great acting and featuring characters. Zemen drama was streaming for three years on television for three seasons. After three years streaming the contract with the television company has ended and they had given up for unsure months. After then they started on YouTube channel by creating official Youtube channels. And still this drama is on the top of television dramas history and still they are producing by following the sequence of the story.

2 Zetenegnaw She – this is also the second one best television drama based on how much the television viewer rated. The story of this drama is not continuous, though they are conditional since they do their next episode based on the latest and current condition what is going on this week . Just by following the top breaking news and phenomenon they do their drama epsilon as they keep fun and comic. This is drama is too comic and comedy drama. The message from this drama is telling the truth, the problem of people, government and famous people. By using this mistaken or title they do kidding on they way of joking script. Anyways the highest number of Ethiopian and non Ethiopian television audience watches them starting to ending time of the drama. This drama is currently streaming on Fana television, though they are uploading their videos on YouTube by creating official Youtube channel. If you are one of the follower of them, you can searching their previous drama episode on youtube. To generalize, Zetenegnaw she is the most popular home drama that everyone gives positive feedback.

3 Sewlesew drama –

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